P.S. I love you…


Use P.S. in your emails to create intimacy.

Here are 2 awesome ways you can use the P.S. to enhance your intimacy efforts:


1. Create a sense of urgency:

The nice thing about emails is their immediacy. The bad thing about emails is that they have a short shelf life. So you want to make sure you give your emails all you have to make readers respond.

Throughout your email, you’ve been doing your best to get them to take action. Your P.S. is often your last chance. Make it count.


P.S. Let’s make sure we get together before your next trip to New York.


2. The Personal Approach:

A P.S. is usually part of a personalised email. Make this kind of email as personal as possible. The nice thing about a P.S. is that it adds to that “personal” approach, it’s an aside directed specifically to the email recipient. So take advantage of that inherent benefit

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