Our Users’ Feedback

Anne ⎯ the new App is beginning to look like a real winner and just what a hungry market needs.

Your current plans and developments already show even more of a value add and will create routes to markets for companies and unlock BD talents in their teams. Look forward to sharing the ride.


Gary Hanson

Partner at BDO LLP
Head of Tech

Anne’s new HighNetWork app is a great way to keep my BD going even when I am super busy.

I use HNW several times a day. It is interactive and it reminds me to constantly work on my profile amongst many other things.


Monica Barton

Partner at Reed Smith LLP

As lawyers, good business development is about doing little and often to build good daily BD habits. This is what makes a difference. Fascinating to hear about the development of an app that distils all the habits of a rainmaker in an app which works like a FitBit using habit formation analytics. Keep an eye on https://highnetwork.co.uk/ to see how this evolves.


Helen Burness

Legal Marketing Power

I am enjoying the app so far. Been trying to find the right rhythm/time of day to use it with focus.

For me, my 30 minute train commute seems most efficient. You’re showing good content/article in order to get users to build new habits, which I love.  

Lisa Gonzalez

Lisa Gonzalez

VP at Houlihan Lokey

The cards in the app plant seeds of ideas that come back to me throughout the course of my day and are subtly, but surely, influencing how I approach BD;

it’s great for tracking how much time I am actually spending chasing new work/building relationships.  It’s rather like a food diary.  Once you see it written down, it is changing my behaviour.


Senior Counsel at Global Top 25 law firm

The set-up was easy and very user friendly. I like the track feature. I particularly like the firm one and I think that will appeal to lawyers’ competitive streaks.

The pop-up prompts are great on my phone as they’re good reminders to actually do something and log onto the App. They are timed to pop up at the right time of the day and have the same effect as my running App


Senior Associate at Global Top 25 law firm

J’ai commencé à regarder. Franchement je trouve l’idée top et la première impression est excellente


Legal Director at Global Top 25 law firm

I took a big leap yesterday and called an in-house contact and asked what I needed to do to get in front of his executive team to make a pitch…and he is setting up a meeting first week of August.  

And, I did it after reading the “Ask a Difficult Question” pane on HNW.  I’ve been waiting for this guy to do something instead of asking.

Sean Delaney

Sean Delaney

Attorney at Mette, Evans & Woodside USA

I like the ‘alert’ reminders I get every morning and evening to remind me to use the app.  These last few days I have been hectic but I like that the app is gently nudging me to do it.

When you pin a card it turns dark grey, which is not very noticeable.  I would prefer if it turns vivid colour instead, like the green frog. *

Matt Rees

Matt Rees

Partner at Proskauer Rose LLP

The students and staff were very positive about the launch.

We look forward to seeing the first set of analytics with anticipation!

Jill Howell-Williams

Jill Howell-Williams

Dean at The University of Law

Thank you Anne Marcotty, your HighNetWork App is simply a fantastic tool, highly practical, with great content and easy to use, for great BD progress.


Daniel Kadar

Daniel Kadar.

Managing Partner at Reed Smith LLP Paris

Intuitive and easy to handle. Definitively a “must-have” tool to strengthen your BD creativity on a daily basis. Any business development strategy indeed needs to be grounded on on-going efforts and a certain level of discipline, and this App is without any doubt well designed to help building that framework.


Pascal Molinelli

Senior Associate at Allen & Overy LLP Paris

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