Boost your connections and your reputation

HighNetWork motivates you to do business development every day, for as little as 6 minutes.

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“If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning.” – Mark Twain

Are ‘rainmakers’ born or bred?​

If you regularly put off business development, you need HighNetWork (HNW).

HNW distils the habits of rainmakers and inspires you to follow their bold steps whilst revealing how easy it can be.

Hundreds of nudges, suggestions and activities are all in the palm of your hand.

You too can make it rain!

Boost your connections and your reputation

HNW for you

We believe success in BD comes from doing things
“little and often”.

So we’ve designed every element to give busy professionals access to straightforward ideas and activities that drive significant rewards.

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Invest Time

HNW encourages you to set a realistic goal you can stick to, every day.

Investing 6 minutes into BD is enough to get started.

“HNW offers me bite size coaching that I can work on, at a time that suits me."
- HNW User

Get Active

HNW is hard wired with algorithms that provide you with a selection of tailored activities and simple “how to”.

BD is made easy.

“You read it and you go and DO it.”
- HNW User
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Track Efforts

Your activities get logged and you record the time spent on business development.

Instantly you see what works best for you and how you are improving.

“HNW motivates me to see how I'm doing against MY peers.”
- HNW User

Mix It Up

Our model for BD success encourages you to vary what you do, even if you don’t like it much!

You combine Reach, Reputation and Intimacy (RRI) activities for maximum growth.

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Boost your connections and your reputation

HNW for your firm

Firms need to change the way they deliver learning.​

Learning has to be personalised, socialised, and adaptive to drive the essential interpersonal skills critical in today’s flat, networked organisations.

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Ongoing Support

HighNetWork is an enterprise app.

Organisations use it to provide virtual BD coaching to their busy professionals who need to grow the business but don’t have the skills, mind-set or time to do so.

Contextualised Learning

People want to learn at their own pace, in ways that match the problems they face on the job.

HNW provides hundreds of suggestions in the palm of their hand, and nudges them to apply the knowledge they pick up.

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Cost Effective

HNW provides BD coaching to any individual at any time for a few hundred dollars a year.

Analytics enable firms to measure returns on their learning investments across the business.

The underlying algorithms isolate skills gaps and assist with a more accurate definition of the training curriculum.

Boost your connections and your reputation


From Nudging Others to a Nudging App

The ideas at the heart of HighNetWork have been tested over the past 20 years in business development programmes developed within the largest professional services firms and Fortune 500 companies.

HighNetWork is also based on the last 50 years of academic research on social psychology, neuroscience, and behavioural economics.

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Experience and research show that:

Success in business development is linked to small tasks such as touch points and dialogues, familiarity and proximity, and helping rather than selling.

It takes 60 to 90 times of doing a task for it to become a habit.

Building BD habits requires being nudged daily, tracking every ‘workout’, staying motivated, and seeing how small steps make a big impact.

That’s the science HighNetWork is built on  – rainmaking is not from time to time, it’s all the time.

Our story

Helping Busy Professionals Succeed

Behind HNW is a team with 60 years of combined experience in sales, marketing, learning, and career transition.

Multiple award-winners for innovation in behavioural change, the team are recognised internationally as leaders in their field. They have helped professionals succeed at key career points and transformed the business development capabilities of thousands of individuals. 

They have all fallen in love with technology and are embracing it every day to share their passion and their knowledge.

Anne Marcotty

Founder and CEO

I created HighNetWork because my busy professional clients need constant BD reminders, even when I am not around. Today’s technology makes this possible. HNW has been formed from my energy and passion for business development.

I started selling at 7 years old, I created and grew new businesses for Hertz and Cendant, and have held C-level global commercial roles at Maersk and DB Schenker. I am also a strategic BD consultant to the largest global professional services firms. I am a rainmaker, love winning, and I am seen as a change catalyst able to transform beliefs and behaviours to drive top line growth.

Today, I want to pass on that deep and practical knowledge to you and your teams no matter the distance. In the same way that my Fitbit helps me to keep in shape, reminding me to drink and move when I am in the midst of working, my goal for HNW is to offer a tool to help people to keep motivated and feel supported with their BD activity.


Nigel has an international reputation for innovation in learning and leadership development. For many years, his focus has been on how to maximise the impact of educational ‘nudges’ in creating behaviour change.

Currently based at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, he has over 20 years’ experience in professional services, and has won multiple learning awards for creative development programmes which led to sustained behavioural change, including pioneering new methods of coaching and mentoring.

Nigel Spencer

We are building a product people love using.

And a team of brilliant people we believe in.

Boost your connections and your reputation

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