RRI: a predictive model proven to drive business development and career success


40 years of consulting and selling have led to the development and testing of a new model, which we found consistently, and measurably, predicted success at BD, revenue generation and career advancement in the professionals with whom we’ve worked. 

Professionals successful at BD all exhibited three core characteristics which they enhanced and maintained through proactive daily habits:



How positively the professional is recognised by their peers for their expertise, knowledge, thought leadership, networking, ethical behaviour, and reliability; and


How well the professional’s relationships develop beyond the transactional ‘work’ dynamic, for example their ability to create a lasting personal connection with colleagues and clients; and


The breadth of their network, how many colleagues and clients (internal and external) they interact with.

Tested and proved by Goldsmiths University

Academics tested the validity of this model for BD success, and confirmed that it was best-practice strategies for professionals to adopt the ‘RRI’ characteristics – leading to lasting behavioural change. 

The expert agency “i2 media Research Limited” at Goldsmiths University of London, which specialises in academic, psychology-based research, conducted a series of activities to validate the ‘RRI’ model.

They confirmed a number of the hypotheses and conclusions from the team’s empirical work over many years across multiple industry sectors.


The 3 Dimensions is Novel

The ‘Reach, Reputation, Intimacy’ model is novel in that the three dimensions have not been described previously in a unitary model.

Each Dimension Correlates to Business Development Success

Multiple research papers from the academic and grey literature support the association of each of the ‘RRI’ dimensions with the successful BD performance of professionals (including collaboration and sales) in a work context.

RRI Behaviours Can Be Learnt

The ‘RRI’ behaviours can be taught and enhanced through learning programmes and tools, and research indicates that habits can be changed which would enhance success at BD for professionals.

Professionals Relate to RRI

In interviews, professionals across the PSF* sector recognised the critical importance of BD to career success in the current competitive market. The ‘RRI’ dimensions were seen as valid, and prototypes of learning tools to develop these characteristics were seen as positively useful in developing BD capability.

PSF refers to Professional Services Firm.

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